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Pumpkin Smasher is a bad seed that can be found roaming the halls of The Dent Schoolhouse®.   He is always obsessed with his sledge and thirst for human demolition. He is the protector of the pumpkin! Since mankind thought it was okay to use a knife to carve his pumpkins, he found it okay to smash the heads of his victims like they were rotten pumpkins. You don’t want to meet Pumpkin Smasher on Halloween!  Highly detailed, this horrorifying string doll is perfet for any fan! 


Contains: one 2”–3” String Doll character with a double-sided fabric nametag, keyring, and lobster claw.


*Due to the nature of these being handmade, each MiniMonster Keychain is unique and may very slightly from the picutre.  

Pumpkin Smasher String Doll

  • Typically Ships and Processes in 2-4 Business Days

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